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Sterling Silver Rings by Twisted Coin

The Twisted Coin Story

A Sterling Silver Ring is the perfect piece of jewellery. Coin rings are a wonderful sustainable way of creating that unique piece of jewellery. Made from vintage and antique coins each one is individually handmade to order. This is the perfect piece for people who are look ethical  jewellery.
With each coin being previously in circulation, it is an ideal way to have a piece of history to wear.

Each Sterling Silver ring is lovingly made to order with great attention to detail. With the perfect coin selected and shaped by hand to make the ring. The ring will be sized to your size for a  truly perfect fit and hand finished and polished.
Of course this results in a stunning ring made from an ethical and historical source. With both high polished in contrast from the antiqued finish available, there really is something to suit everyone.

Materials & Craftsmanship

Coins have been in use for thousands of years. In medieval times hammered coins were usually made from precious metals such as silver or gold. These coins on occasion had the edges clipped from them to obtain precious metals they were made from. This would be melted down to be used elsewhere, a crime punishable by death. With this in mind would you risk that for a piece of jewellery?
We are indeed lucky this is now not the case. We can make  truly stunning pieces of jewellery from coins made from precious metals.

The coins we use are circulated coins that have a wonderful history. Who held these coins, what were they worth to that person, what would that particular coin buy them?.  Furthermore a piece of history sitting on your finger will be a wonderful talking point.
As the coins are vintage and antique, it provides a very ethical way to create a stunning piece of jewellery. Ultimately this makes each piece uniquely perfect.

Why not look at our range of Sterling Silver Rings and add a piece of history to your jewellery collection.

Sterling Silver Coin Rings, ethical silver jewellery in Kent made by Twisted Coin