Sterling Silver Floral Shilling Ring


Sterling Silver Rings are a fantastic addition to any jewellery collection. A beautiful ethical silver ring made from an antique circulated Young Head Queen Victoria Shilling Coin, dated before 1887. A stunning  piece of jewellery that makes a wonderful statement.
As this is made from a previously circulated coin, you are wearing a wonderful piece of British History.
A pretty coin with a floral wreath around the edge, which when made into a ring will be the design around the ring. With the date on one side and the crown at the opposite side, this ring has a wonderfully unique design.
These coins are smaller coins and make a perfect ring for women or smaller hands, ranging from a size H through to a size Q.

Due to the supply and demand of the original coin, this ring has a lead time of approx 2 weeks.



A Sterling Silver ring makes a wonderful addition to any jewellery collection. These stunning coin rings are made from genuine antique circulated shilling coins. Dated before 1887, they are made from 925 Sterling Silver
These coins are slightly smaller than a florin and produce a pretty dainty style sterling silver ring, making them perfect for smaller hands. With sizes ranging from H through to Q it will fit a wide range of people.

Available with a classic polish finish or an aged antiqued look, there is something that will suit everyone. Looking for an alternative size? check out both our  Half Crown and Florin Coin Rings that compliment this shilling Ring Perfectly. All of our coins are sourced to provide the best finish on this stunning sterling silver ring, subsequently the lead time on these coins is approx 2 weeks.

A silver Shilling?

The best thing about this sterling silver ring is the fact that it creates a wonderful talking point and really fires up your imagination. How much was this coin worth to someone in the time it was put into circulation? was it a huge part of their wages or was it pocket change for a wealthy family? what would this shilling have paid for? for an example a ‘skilled seamstress’ in Victorian times would have earned approx 7 Shillings a day. However work was not constant and guaranteed in addition they would have had to provide all their own materials. With this in mind and the fact that a single room in a relatively poor area of London would have cost approx 6-8 shillings a week, it seems that a shilling was a great deal of money in the time it was minted.

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H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q


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