Silver content in Jewellery

There are so many wonderful silver coins that can be made into rings, from antique through to modern. Although we do not make rings from modern coins this may change, I will write about this in another post soon.
We use antique silver coins dated 1919 or earlier. The reason for this is that prior to 1919 silver coins were made from sterling silver, after this the silver content is reduced. With less silver in the jewellery the higher the chance for an allergic reaction and the dreaded green finger. This is especially likely in coins dated 1947 and after as they are made from a copper nickel alloy.
There are laws in place that regulate the use of Nickel in jewellery, and due to this any coin that is in direct contact with the skin is sterling silver. We are aware that there are many companies out there that sell modern coin jewellery. As we have people within the family with super sensitive skin, we are not prepared to take the risk of making peoples sensitivities worse.
The only modern coins we use are part of our keychain range, this way the coin is not in constant direct contact with the skin everyday.

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