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Shilling Keyring


A unique keyring made with a polished silver colour shilling coin. Featuring Elizabeth II and various coats of arms on the reverse.

A fantastic idea for a small and affordable gift.



A wonderful keyring made with a polished silver colour shilling coin, featuring Elizabeth II and various coat of arms on the rear.
A shilling is a wonderful piece of history, first dating back to 1503 and originally known as a ‘Testoon’
A few references in modern culture use shillings, the most well known being the phrase “to take the Kings shilling” meaning you had enlisted in the Royal Navy or Army.
Also there is a phrase to cut someone off with a shilling. This meant the person had been disinherited. Some people believed if you left just a single shilling to the person being disinherited, they could not challenge the will. Although this has no basis in British law!


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